Wordle was one of those things that I heard and saw people referencing but which I had no personal contact with, so I wondered if I should just purposefully exclude myself and stubbornly not participate in the Very Cool Thing. I’ve done this, for example, with Titanic. I’ve never seen that whole film and what I have seen, my wife made me watch only in the past couple of months. I thought I’d just Titanic the Worlde thing.

Then I found out it’s a word game, which is pretty much right up my alley. I’ve played like five times. It’s so simple and precisely to my tastes.

Now the New York Times has bought it and will inevitably ruin it for me and everyone else. Props to that guy for getting paid. But he’s literally the only actual human being who benefits from this sale. Well… maybe executives at NYT. Maybe.

I’m sorry, everyone. This is probably all my fault. I’ll try not to bring down capitalist doom on anything else.